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A husband, father of two, and proven technology entrepreneur with a keen interest in bringing innovative consumer products and services to market. Co-founder and CEO of Picniic, every family’s assistant, Michael and his team seek to revolutionize the way families run and manage their households with the ultimate goal of making family life easier.


Previously, Michael was the founder and CEO of Fit Brains—one of the largest brain training brands with more than 20 million users. Fit Brains was acquired by Rosetta Stone—the world’s leader in language learning—in December 2013 and subsequently, Michael became VP and GM.


Michael’s struggles with the hectic nature of his daily family life inspired him to create Picniic. He felt like his home was a perfect example of today’s average family: chaotic schedules, two working parents, kids in school, a ton of activities, and let’s not forget, that never-ending list of to-dos around the house. The overwhelming nature of modern-day family life set him on a path to find a solution that would work both for his family, and others like it. 


As a technology entrepreneur, Michael couldn’t help but notice all the advancements being made with workplace tools that help streamline communications and organize teams. This led him to wonder why a similar platform didn’t exist for families—hence the creation of Picniic.


Picniic acts as a family operating system, streamlining household activities and schedules, all while keeping everyone on the same page. It helps relieve the daily stresses families face, and becomes a tool that everyone can use to stay on track. Many of the products available in today’s market are designed for individuals, not families, so they miss the mark on truly understanding family needs. Families often cobble together six to seven products to help them stay on top of everyday life, which means most important family data is not centralized. The data exists in a number of locations, with only certain family members having access. Picniic's goal was to bring all the family's activities, tasks and data into one central home hub to make family life more cohesive. 


So, why call the product Picniic? It’s because families think of a picnic as a simple and relaxing time where everyone comes together to share a great experience. But when you think about it, it actually takes a lot of work to make that moment happen. There’s all the planning, organization, and logistics that has to happen first. What goes into planning a successful picnic is exactly what needs to be applied to our day-to-day lives—just at a larger scale. Everything we build into Picniic has the ultimate goal of making the lives of families easier and less stressful. Why? Because families should have more free time to spend on the things they love—even if that just means having more picnics together.

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