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When you have children, traveling for business can be a real burden. Regardless of where you stand along the work-life balance equation, keeping your obligations to your career, your family, and yourself is extremely challenging. When you have small children, this is e...

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With approximately one in two American marriages ending in divorce, it’s an unfortunate truth that many parents will face the difficulties that come with co-parenting with an ex-partner. Between focusing on the kids, coordinating sche...

Organized team sports offer a wealth of life lessons that prepare our children for the future. Read about the top five lessons and skills your kids will learn.

Entrepreneurs aren't born but made. You won't believe how a few everyday lessons while they're growing up can evoke analytical thinking encourage entrepreneurship in your kids. Read my experiences as an entrepreneur dad raising my curious two!

Despite my busy work schedule, I’m a father above everything else. As a parent in today’s digital world, it can be tough to keep your children safe online.

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There’s no getting around it—our children are connected to technology and digital devices in ways we never were. They will never wonder about something and not be able to look it up instantly. They will never be truly alone because th...

Starting your career with your own business is an exciting, yet scary, adventure. It can be difficult to know where to start, who to turn to for advice, and how to manage your personal life on top of a rapidly growing business. Here’s the best I’ve gathered throughout...

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Technology has done an amazing job of helping empower us as individuals—we can do more, and more quickly and easily, because of technology. But technology can also be isolating, separating us from each other as we retreat into our own v...

Most people think that in order to have a successful startup company, an entrepreneur needs to be young and single. You must devote all of your time to your business, sacrifice your personal life and friendships, and use weekends and holidays as extra work days. And wh...

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Yogi Bear is sitting around somewhere, proud of the world we live in and noting that there is a letter missing in the name of this app. Sticking with the organizational theme of today's app round-up, we have Picniic. Instead of email or...

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